GA Students are Visited by The Nature of Things

Greenburgh Academy Student Examines Turtle
Posted on 05/02/2016
Greenburgh Academy Student Examines Turtle
Today we had a visit from The  Nature of Things, an environmental outreach program that exhibits live animal presentations. We all had a wonderful time learning about new animals! Our naturalist Lee Fleming introduced us to Twiggy the Stick Bug, Sprocket the Cane Toad, Mrs. Hyde the Gray-Banded King Skink, Shelly the Red-foot Tortoise, Dudley the blue tongue skin, Oreo the black bear hamster, Peanut the albino chinchilla, Sarah the Ring Neck Dove, Salt the Silky Chicken, and Herbert the Crested Duck. If you've never heard of these animals, you should search them online, they're all fascinating and adorable! Our favorites were the chinchilla (SO soft) and the Silky Chicken, (who left some feathers behind as souvenirs).

It was a memorable day! Love, Ms. Arrigo’s Class  

 Check out The Nature of Things website

Nature of Things