Students Visit Hudson Beach Glass

Students Meet with Expert Glass Makers
Hudson Beach Glass

Students from Greenburgh Academy and Reach Academy visited Hudson Beach Glass, where they participated in a glassblowing seminar and created their own ornaments. They enjoyed spending the day “upstate” in Beacon, New York, and meeting two wonderful expert glass makers, John & Wendy. Our students were assisted with choosing their ornament designs and colors, firing them in the oven, and blowing into the glass to make it take shape. They felt the "heat and thrills" of glass making while in a safe, comfortable,  environment with experienced instructors.
It was a pleasure to observe the surprise and wonder on our student’s faces the first time they worked with glass, and see the satisfaction that was present when they finished their pieces. Our students often excel at hands-on projects and embrace new opportunities. What a unique, one of a kind experience for each of them.