Edwin Jacobellis

Edwin Jacobellis
Posted on 03/22/2018

My name is Edwin Jacobellis and I graduated (valedictorian) from Greenburgh Academy in 2014. High school was great. I look back on Greenburgh feeling incredibly relieved at being taught the material enough to get really good grades on the Regents tests, as well as take two college classes, in entrepreneurship and English. The smaller class sizes are definitely a benefit; a lot of my college classes have about 15 students in them, mainly because the science department, in a college with a specialty for business, is so new and small. I think it makes the learning better, and allows for better socialization between the students. I remember having a lot of fun at Greenburgh; that is definitely one thing I can say – and it was a fairly stress-free environment. Obviously any situation involving teenagers will have its stress, but despite that, the teachers were always good to us and allowed us to figure out our lives and make choices fairly free of interference.


I don't want to make it sound like the teachers let us do anything we wanted, just that the fact of our class' grades and test scores show that it is possible to facilitate a high level of high school education, despite any difficulties any particular student might be facing, and have a fun time doing it. In particular, Ms. Nagorny was an incredible support and inspiration during my time in high school. I still consider her to be the anchor of Greenburgh Academy.

Right now I am finishing up a biology degree at Baruch College, with plans to pursue a Ph.D. in Neuroscience. My main interests are in the more psychological elements of how the brain works, and consciousness. As for music, I am currently in five bands, two of which are actively performing, and I'm about to start on learning cello. Also in the works are my plans to go into business with one of my friends while he's slogging his way through medical school.